Kashmir Trip Itinerary

How to reach Srinagar

This journey started in Delhi. We were strolling the lanes of old Delhi and Chandni Chowk. Our train was from Sarai Rohilla to Udhampur railway station. We chose Udhampur over Jammu because it is the nearest station serving this beautiful hill station Srinagar. This route will shorten your road journey. There are lots of trains from Delhi you could select according to your schedule.

But in my opinion, bored a train at night has two benefits: travelling overnight on a train cuts down the expense of staying in a hotel, travelling overnight and reaching early in the morning at Udhampur gives you a whole day to cover your further 12-hour journey to Srinagar. For a seamless journey, consider a taxi from Udhampur to Srinagar.

For a seamless journey, consider a taxi from Udhampur to Srinagar. Taxis offer a more personalized experience, while buses provide a budget-friendly option if you’re on a budget trip. The cheapest way to reach Srinagar from Udhampur railway station is usually by bus or shared taxi. Taxi Union has set their price by 8k to 9k, depending on your chosen vehicle. Check for local bus services that operate between Udhampur and Srinagar. Local buses are generally more economical than private taxis. Buses are widely operated from Udhampur bus station, but there is no direct bus service to Srinagar.

Taxi Stand of Udhampur Railway Station

Udhampur to Banihal via Ramban

Start your journey from Udhampur railway station by taking an auto or sharing cab to the nearest bus station. There is no direct bus to Srinagar. It would help if you changed it in between. Private buses will charge you ₹90/- per head from Udhampur bus station to Ramban, approximately 57 kilometers. From there, you need to change to another bus. Locals call these buses ‘Metro’. It resembles a ‘Pakistani’ bus like we have seen ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan.’ It will take you to Banihal, approximately 44 kilometers, and the ticket costs around ₹70/-each.

Breathtaking view of Train ride

Banihal to Srinagar by Train

Banihal is a little town in a lush green valley with breathtaking views and a cool breeze, from Banihal town, you can retake the train and believe me, this train route between Banihal and Srinagar is the most scenic train route I have ever witnessed. The train journey in Kashmir to Srinagar can be described as a soft breeze, green fields with a golden shade, and snow-capped mountains. These local trains are DMUs, with only chair car coaches and no toilets, so be prepared before boarding. The train will take about two hours to reach Srinagar railway station, and the ticket will cost you around ₹45/- per head, the distance is approximately 78 kilometers. You will find taxis standing outside the Srinagar Railway station. Sharing taxis are widely available all across Kashmir valley. Taxis for localities are called ‘Service’ all over Kashmir, and they will drop you to Boulevard Road for just ₹30/- each.

Srinagar Railway Station, J&K

Nearby places of Srinagar

Sunset at Boulevard Road, Srinagar, J&K

Note- I will be taking reference for the start point as Boulevard Road Ghat no. 1 because it's the primary hotspot for tourists. Most probably, you will stay there as it has many hotels.

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir's summer capital, is graced with Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, and the famous Jama Masjid. Include these locations in your Kashmir trip itinerary to immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry. Although it is recommended to rest for the day of your arrival to wash down the tiredness of the journey, I know the excitement of exploring new places among travelers is tough to hold their horses.

You will love to have a short evening stroll on Boulevard Road. The mall road of Srinagar has a broad footpath alongside the beautiful Dal Lake, vintage lamp posts, and illuminating cozy, warm white light, creating a perfect atmosphere for a good evening walk. Boulevard Road has ghats for hiring 'Shikara.' It is like a taxi stands for 'Shikaras.' The Ghat lineups have a numbering system, such as Ghat 1 or Ghat 2. Do a good negotiation and avoid touts for better pricing. It nearly cost you around ₹1000 to ₹1300 for the long ride. The weather is soothing in the evening, and the golden hour gives Dal Lake a unique charm. The Golden Sky, calm, clear water, surrounded by Green Mountains and slowly moving Shikaras, is a must-have experience. Check some Travel hacks and visit best places to in India for a better traveling experience.

From day two, start exploring nearby places of Srinagar, as these places give you insight into the local tradition and culture of Kashmir. Here are my few recommendations across the Srinagar city:

1) Shah-e-Hamdan, Srinagar

Beautifully crafted interior of the Mosque

This beautiful mosque is situated in an old city, approximately 3.8 kilometers from Boulevard Road, ghat no. 1 beside River Jhelum. Also know as Khanqah-e-Moula. It is famous for Kashmiri's wooden architecture, built in the 1395 century, giving it a medieval-era look. It feels like going back in time. The marvelous engraving on the wooden walls of Shah-e-hamdan and beautiful low-hanging chandelier has a unique charm. It was so mesmerizingly beautiful inside. The place has calm and positive vibes, which drives you into tranquillity.

2) Polo View Market

Night at Polo View Market

This modern market is in the city's heart of Srinagar, near Polo Ground, around 2 kilometers from Boulevard Road. Beautiful Kashmiri chinar trees on both sides of the path along the market provide a natural canopy, making the market's specialty a unique shopping experience. It is a pedestrian-friendly market, which means no vehicles are allowed inside. The Polo view market has been transformed into a premium pedestrian market as part of the Smart City Initiative.

3) Hazratbal Shrine

It is the most famous place and the landmark of Srinagar. You might have seen it in the movies or songs. It is the holy shrine situated on the North Bank of the Dal lake. Due to its popularity, it is the most visited site in the Srinagar city. Its vast, comprehensive structure, beautiful dome, and minarets influence charm and Kashmiri architecture. You will love to sit and relax in the garden and admire the scenic beauty of the lake in front with a warm cup of Kehwa in hand. Because of jummah namaz, it is crowded on Friday, so avoid going on this day of the week.

How to commute within Srinagar

Commuting around Srinagar is a breeze with various transportation options. Shikaras on Dal Lake, local buses, and auto-rickshaws are convenient choices for commute within Srinagar. Utilize local modes of transportation to experience the city's true charm.

First one is an auto rickshaw. Now it would be suitable way of commute in Srinagar for those people who cannot use sharing cabs and would like their personal space. Auto rickshaws can be found easily anywhere along the roadside. Remember, personalised experience come with a cost, yes! The ride of auto rickshaw is on the higher side but comparatively lower than the union taxis.

Secondly, we have shared taxis, my favourite way of commute in Srinagar, these taxis are used mainly by the locals they call it a ‘Service,’ and the fare is dirt cheap. There is a stand in front of Jammu & Kashmir Bank beside Bharat Petroleum, but you can find these taxis anywhere on the roadside. What makes it different from regular taxis? These cabs have a whiteboard with the destination written on the front windshield, like a bus. Fares are calculated per kilometer and seat.

The third one is my favourite: rent a bicycle to commute and explore simultaneously in Srinagar. The slow, steady speed of the cycle lets you absorb the outgoing Routines of locals, the cycle path of Google Maps guides you from inside the relaxed, quiet alleys of Androon Kashmir. There are several sources where you could get one for yourself, even an electric one, but I recommend hiring from ‘Chartered Bike.’ This company has vast network of cycle stand or station all across the Srinagar from where you can pick up and drop cycles easily.

Cycle Stand of Chartered Bike

Where to eat in Srinagar?

There are so many restaurants on Boulevard Road itself. You can easily find North Indian, South Indian or Mughalai restaurants in abundance.

Vegetarians Food

I recommend Krishna Vaishno Bhojnalay, which is pretty famous among tourists. However, when we reached there, I saw a massive crowd of people outside the Dhaba queuing for their turn, so we dropped the plan. Because the place was jam-packed, people were impatiently standing over the table while others were eating at the same time. It was complete chaos. We decided to go to the Vishal Vaishno Bhojnalay right next to the Vaishno Bhojnalay. It was not crowded at all, we ate very relaxed, the taste was good, and the service was good.


Kashmir is heaven for non-vegetarian, and a variety of local cuisines, like Rista, Wazwan, mutton Rogan Josh, Nuduru Yakni, and Gushtaba. Although, as a North Indian, my taste buds are more likely to have spicy rather than bland food. That’s why I don’t like Kashmiri cuisine.

However, one afternoon, we were wandering on Boulevard Road and found a park named Makai Point, which was filled with food carts. By seeing white smoke, I assume they are grilling something.

The park was famous among the localites. My experience says food or a place appreciated by locals is worth trying, so we grabbed our seats in the cart, which was crowded the most. Some of the people were also eating in their cars. We were served roasted chicken and roti (Lavasa) and three types of chutney made of saucy condiment typically made with fruit, vegetables and spices. One seekh of chicken roasted cost us ₹30 each with complimentary Lavasa. Three Sikhs of roasted chicken is enough for an adult individual. It was an unexpected discovery of a food park of locals that made my day, and I am 100% sure that you may also like it. In Kashmir, grilling or barbeque is called Tujj.

Barbeque Chicken (Tujj)


In this blog, I have describe in depth the planning of Kashmir, this blog will serve the purpose of the readers by providing them with a complete travel guide to travelling in Kashmir. Here is another adventure story from the famous hill station of Himachal Pradesh that is Shimla.

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