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I started travelling India since childhood because my father was also fond of travelling. We used to go on trips almost twice a year. As I grew up, I started developing a desire to travel more and see best places to visit in India. Because I have travelled often alone or with friends, I always had to face one problem. Where do we start my journey, what places I go first on my trip, where will I stay the trip, where should I eat good food? It should also be within the budget. That’s why I thought, why don’t I provide my readers with some content through my experience that will make your journey to visit India's best places easier? My blog is for those travellers or backpackers who like to travel on a budget so they can travel as much as possible for less money, and that too in a suitable manner. Here are my two blogs from my recent trip to Kashmir and Shimla in June.

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This blog serves as your virtual travel companion, offering valuable information and tips on making your journey to Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir seamless and memorable. Explore the routes, transportation modes, and local insights.

Your guide to the breathtaking natural beauty and wonders of Shimla. Discover the best places to visit, practical tips for a seamless adventure in this Himalayan gem. Explore Shimla like never before with my travel insights.

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The captivating narratives, insightful tips, and authentic experiences shared on this blog to visit best places in India have turned my travel dreams to Kashmir | Shimla trip into well-planned realities. Thanks for expertly crafted content, Can't wait for the next adventure guide!"


The vivid storytelling, practical advice to visit best places to visit in India, and wanderlust-inducing content have transformed the way I explore India's best places. From navigating hidden gems to savoring local flavors of Kashmir, every blog post feels like a personal guide on my journeys. I'm grateful for every virtual step it guides me through to my Shimla trip!"

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