Jammu & Kashmir

Travel Hacks

1) Don’t merely choose a hotel based on its star rating the hotels sometimes have fabricated fake ratings.

When choosing a hotel for your visit, don’t only look at the stars. It will be your fault. The travel sites and hotels have a monopoly on earning money from tourists. In fact, when looking for hotels, read reviews and look at photographs.

2) Travel in the offseason.

This is the most effective strategy to save money. When you travel during the offseason, the rates are reduced by about half, allowing you to have a fantastic trip at a moderate cost.

3) Keep some cash in hand.

Despite the fact that India is becoming a plastic money zone, small businesses such as local shops and street hawkers do not have ATM machines. So keep some cash on hand in case payment becomes difficult later on.

4) To save money, take public transportation.

In India, there is an abundance of public transportation that is significantly less expensive than cabs. Go for them because they will take you to the main area for a fraction of the price of a taxi. Also adding excitement to the journey and creating memories by traveling with locals.

5) If you’re going to a Gurudwara, don’t miss out on langar.

When visiting religious sites in India, don’t forget to stop at the langar. It will be a treat to consume because it is so delicious. By consuming langar, you can even save money on your dinner.

6) Instead of a hotel, consider staying in a guesthouse or a homestay.

Nowadays, there are fantastic guesthouses and homestays that are reasonably priced and have the same amenities as hotels. Even so, you will get the opportunity to connect with locals and learn about their culture.

7) Never ask a passer-by for directions instead, ask a shopkeeper, a watchman, a vendor, or a police officer.

They provide more accurate and straightforward direction and do not have a “I don’t Know” character when providing direction. Most passers-by will answer, “I don’t know,” or they may point you in the wrong direction just for kicks.

8) It is advisable to pack light.

Many individuals overpack when going on vacation. Carrying big baggage is never easy. Packing light is a good travel technique for smooth travel. Bring only what you need and try not to overpack. This will make your journey more comfortable. You can also save money by taking public transportation instead of a taxi if you have light luggage. It is very simple to move between cities or hotels.